Studio hound (in training)


This summer I had to take a break from studio work for medical reasons. I was soon on my way to recovery – which for the first 6 weeks post-op involved mostly walking.

Between that and the spectacular summer weather we are having here, there seemed no better time adopt that dog the kids have been begging for.

Meet Cooper our new hound – we think he’s adorable and he’s good as gold. If he keeps this up he may be allowed put in an appearance in the studio from time to time! Continue reading “Studio hound (in training)”

Reclaim, recycle, make – Bangles are very popular


Bangles appear to be your preferred choice for remodeling projects. It’s a great way to make your unused jewellery into something you will wear forever. Here are a few Continue reading “Reclaim, recycle, make – Bangles are very popular”

Here’s what happens when the cat’s away…


Summer is in full swing here, my customers are chillin’ in their favorite holiday locations (or so I like to think) and I am busy getting ready for Christmas (no joke!).  But every now and again there’s a day too good to pass up. Continue reading “Here’s what happens when the cat’s away…”

A family affair


Traditionally a compass rose was worn by sailors as a symbol for luck and in hopes of returning to shore alive. Nowadays it is often a symbol for focus, direction and moving forward in life.

Long time ago Brendan’s wife gifted him a pendant of a compass rose and over time it has become a hugely important symbol to him. Unfortunately Continue reading “A family affair”

Early bird … gets a stunning sunrise over Dublin bay


“Early bird gets the worm” they say. And I agree, sometimes being an early riser has it’s advantages, especially Continue reading “Early bird … gets a stunning sunrise over Dublin bay”

Reclaim, recycle, make – See the making of a commemorative pendant


Sometimes a project requires a bit of research, collaboration and a whole lot of skills you never thought you’d need at a jeweller’s bench!

It is not really a big surprise that Francesca had a hard time finding a goldsmith to take on her very special project. She was looking to commission Continue reading “Reclaim, recycle, make – See the making of a commemorative pendant”

Little gems on the strand


No matter how often I walk the strand it always holds a little surprise for me.  Today I happened upon this gem of a patch of flowers gone wild…what a treat!! Continue reading “Little gems on the strand”